Managing the Blog of E-junkie (A Major E-Commerce Site) with Akriti Joshi [TDI023]


Today’s interview is with Akriti Joshi, the manager for the blog over at E-junkie, a popular online shopping cart site that allows website owners to sell digital and tangible goods on the internet.

Sometimes we look at blogs as “standalone” entities, when in fact, they are often a critical marketing tool for large businesses.

As a fan and user of E-junkie, I wanted to learn more about how the blog actually helps the E-junkie business and brand.  Akriti was kind enough to answer my questions and tell us a little bit more about how she got involved with E-junkie.

It’s a quick interview, but if you’ve ever wondered about how large sites handle their blogging activity, you’ll enjoy it!

Let’s head over to the interview.

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The Power of Networking (and Meeting the President) with John Corcoran [TDI022]


I’m secretly jealous of guys like John Corcoran, our guest today on The Daily Interview.

It does take skill, intelligence, and action to succeed in a business – and these are all things that John possesses.  But networking and building relationships is really the “secret” ingredient, and it’s a big reason why John has been so successful.

I’ve met few people who network the way that John does, which is why I’m so excited to have him here to share some of his best tips when it comes to building relationships the right way.

This is definitely an interview you’ll want to bookmark and refer back to later.

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Retiring Before Age 40? Joe Udo Did It. [TDI021]


Have you ever had thoughts of retiring early? It’s not too crazy of an idea, but it’s nothing more than a dream for most people.

That’s why, when I stumbled across Joe Udo (from Retire by 40), I had to learn more about his story.  And that’s what we’re sharing here today in this interview.

Joe is now a stay-at-home dad as well as a blogger (which is what enabled him to leave behind his 9-to-5 job).  He may not be wealthy or earn a crazy amount of money from his online work, but it’s been enough to live comfortably and spend more time with his family.

That’s something most people strive for on some level, which is why I think it’s so inspiring to read about how someone has actually achieved it.

I’ll turn it over to Joe now…

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Landing a $40,000 Client from Blogging & More with Jeff Rose [TDI020]


I’m excited to feature one of the great bloggers in the personal finance world – Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner who blogs at Good Financial Cents.

I like Jeff’s style a lot – he’s got a great personality, and really knows how to communicate the sometimes-complicated personal finance topics in a way that the rest of us can understand.

He’s also an accomplished (best-selling) author, a family man, and produces an excellent podcast. What more could you ask for?

Let’s jump to the interview.

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Living the 4-Hour Workweek Lifestyle with Rasmus Lindgren [TDI019]


Rasmus Lindgren is an internet entrepreneur who I’ve followed for quite awhile, and have always looked up to.

I distinctly remember him telling me once, about my blog at My 4-Hour Workweek, that he was impressed by how consistently I published blog posts, because he always viewed this as a weakness of his.

I remember thinking: Hey! You’re actually DOING something and executing your plans.  That’s far more impressive than anything I’ve simply written about.

And it’s true.  This is a guy who figured out a way to live a very comfortable lifestyle, spend lots of time with his family, and still earn a solid income.  He may not have a true “4-hour workweek,” but he certainly applies a lot of the same concepts necessary to get there.

Anyway, read the interview for the full story!

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Replacing the 9-to-5 Income and Traveling Like a Boss with Johnny FD [TDI018]


Starting an online business and traveling the world is “the dream” as far as many aspiring internet entrepreneurs are concerned.

This guy, Johnny FD, has done just that.

He started an e-commerce business, wrote a travel book, and never looked back.  Sure, there were failures along the way, but as you’ll see, he overcame them and moved to greater heights.

In this interview, you can read all about Johnny’s journey, as he shares his tips about how other people can do what he has done.


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6-Figure Personal Finance Blogging with J. Money from Budgets are Sexy [TDI017]


This interview with J. Money from Budgets are Sexy is one I’ve been waiting to publish for awhile now, because it’s so jam-packed with good information.

J. Money (I know, it’s mysterious that we don’t know his real name!) has had a really interesting journey, having worked 37 different jobs, ultimately ending up with a personal finance blog that anchors his online earnings of more than $100,000 per year.

When you read his blog and his interview below, you’ll understand why – he has a unique voice that really makes his content stand out.  Even better, he actually has a lot of valuable knowledge to share.

Let’s cut right to the interview – enjoy!

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Joining the Yakezie Challenge!

This is a rare, non-interview post, but it’s still important!

I’m writing this post to announce that I am officially joining the Yakezie challenge with this site, The Daily Interview.

What is the Yakezie Challenge?

Let me take a step back and first explain what Yakezie is in the first place:  Yakezie is currently the internet’s largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network, started back in 2009.

This isn’t your average blog network – not just any blog can join.  All members of the network have gone through an extensive 6-month challenge where they’ve published posts 2-4 times a week, significantly improved their Alexa ranking, and most importantly, selflessly promoted other bloggers.

Although The Daily Interview technically isn’t a “personal finance” or “lifestyle” blog, many of the bloggers we feature here fall into those categories.  More importantly, The Daily Interview was founded on the idea of not only creating inspiration, but also helping to promote others and publicize their entrepreneurial stories and journeys. That’s why I think The Daily Interview is going to be a great fit for the Yakezie network, once we’ve accomplished the 6-month challenge.

Anyway, that’s all for now – we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled interviews tomorrow morning. Thanks! 🙂


Talking with an SEO Pro – Charles Floate from God of SEO [TDI016]


At some point or another, all internet entrepreneurs take an interest in search engine optimization (SEO), because it can be a tremendous source of traffic to your website.  SEO, as you are probably aware, is the process used to get your website to rank higher in Google’s (or another search engine’s) search results.

Today’s interview features a professional SEO – Charles Floate, from God of SEO.  This young entrepreneur has already accomplished a lot in his relatively short career, including building an authoritative blog about SEO and actually launching his own internet marketing agency.

In this interview, Charles shares his story about how he got started in the internet marketing world, some of his successes and failures, and even shares a couple SEO tips that he believes still work well today.

I’ll turn it over to Charles…

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Building an Affiliate Marketing Empire with Justice Wordlaw IV [TDI015]


Today we’re interviewing Justice Wordlaw IV, an affiliate marketer who has been able to build a really nice online income for himself and his family (and has a pretty cool name too).

Unlike many of our other guests on The Daily Interview, he doesn’t really like blogging.

In fact, he believes that paid traffic and e-mail list subscribers are a much faster and more effective way to promote a product.

Justice certainly knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t hold back his advice in this interview.

Check it out (and leave us a comment when you’re done!). XZ7KKDBGWEUU 

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