Earning an Income Online through Writing with Danielle McGaw [TDI004]


Today, we’re featuring an interview with Danielle McGaw – a highly diversified writer who earns an income online by writing for a variety of different sources and formats.

She’s such a good example of how persistence and simply “getting yourself out there” is a excellent way to find success online.  It may not come easy, but it WILL come if you stick to your plan (and maybe tweak it along the way).

Let’s get to the interview!

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Working Online and Traveling the World with Dave and Vicky [TDI003]


I’ve always been intrigued by people who are essentially able to leave everything behind and travel the world while making money online.

Today’s interview features a couple who has done just that! Having spent 2 years in the working world, Dave and Vicky exchanged their briefcases for backpacks, dress shoes for sandals, and beds for sleeping bags. In September 2012 they embarked on a 2 year journey across Asia and Europe.

They currently earn a “full time income” online, which enables them to travel without a traditional job, and they document this all on their blog A Couple Travelers.

Let’s dig right into the interview.

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Marketing Tips & More with Tim Soulo from BloggerJet [TDI002]


As part of today’s launch, I’m actually featuring TWO great interviews.  The first one, as you probably saw, was with Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers.

The second interview today is with Tim Soulo from BloggerJet.com.  Tim is a professional marketer who blogs about all things internet marketing.

I really like Tim because he has a unique voice with his content and makes a conscious effort to NOT rehash the same internet marketing tips and strategies that you’ll find on most other blogs in this niche.  It’s refreshing.

Let’s see what Tim has to say…

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Selling Niche Sites Like a Pro with Justin Cooke from EmpireFlippers.com [TDI001]


To kick off our FIRST EVER interview here at The Daily Interview, I am thrilled to bring you this interview with Justin Cook from EmpireFlippers.com.  As someone who has been reading Empire Flippers since its early days (back when it was called Adsense Flippers), I was really excited to have this opportunity to interview Justin.  Justin and his business partner Joe have been running multiple successful businesses in the Philippines for the past several years.

The business that they mostly feature at Empire Flippers is the selling of niche sites.  They have a team that builds the sites, ranks them, and once they’re at a point of earning a decent amount of money, they flip the site for a tidy profit (usually).  They are pretty diversified, however, so this isn’t their only source of income online.

To put their success in perspective – they’ve generated between $25,000-75,000 in each month for 2013.  I love their transparency, as they break down this income each month within their income reports.

Let’s get to the interview!

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