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Happy Monday! With the 4th of July extended weekend around the corner and some important things going on in my personal life right now (i.e. closing on my first home today!), I’ve decided to put The Daily Interview on hiatus for this week.

It’s the unfortunate part of running a daily blog alone: When life gets busy, sometimes you need to hit the “pause button” on everything else. ¬†ūüôā

In the mean time, take a browse through the archives and read through some interviews you may have missed.  With over 100 interviews now, we have a pretty nice archive compiled.

Thanks, and have a great week!

Why Shameless Promotion of Your Content Can Actually Be a Good Thing with Karol K [TDI104]


It’s been pointed out in several past interviews, but it’s always worth mentioning again: It doesn’t matter if you have a great product, or great content, if no one knows about it.¬† The key to success usually has something to do with your marketing and promotion strategy.

I found today’s guest, Karol K, to be really interesting because he seems to have “figured it out.”¬† As a blogger, freelance writer, and now WordPress plugin creator, he understands the value of promoting your product and content the right way.¬† And he did it all despite a language barrier (English is not his native language).

In this interview, Karol shares with us his story about how he got started as a freelance writer, talks about his awesome social share plugin (that is especially helpful for new bloggers), and discusses his primary method for promoting his content.¬† I’ll give you a hint: It’s very simple, yet most people never focus much on it.

Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment when you’re done!

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How a Doctor Dominated a Super Specific Blogging Niche with James M. Dahle, MD [TDI103]


It’s extremely common for bloggers to select a popular niche and dig right into it.¬† The good bloggers will find a way to bring out their unique voices and perspectives, but there typically isn’t a lot of real innovation.

But to take a very popular and saturated niche Рlike personal finance Рand carve out your own sub-niche that you can dominate (almost completely), is a completely different story.  It also serves as a great lesson that even something like blogging can still be open to innovation.

Today’s interview features James M. Dahle, MD, an emergency physician.¬† As a CPA who has worked with doctors before (as clients), I’ve seen how many people in the medical profession often don’t understand (or don’t care to understand) personal finance, which leaves them open to less-than-noble individuals who can take advantage of them.¬† And that’s why James created his blog – to help other doctors better understand personal finance.

As you’ll read in this interview, James has found a way to really make a name for himself (and his blog) by providing information that generally wasn’t available before (to doctors) – or at least, not with the same depth that James offers.¬† He also explains what types of monetization work well for his blog, and gives some advice on how other bloggers may be able to find similar success.

Enough from me – let’s get to the interview.

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How to Get Out of Your “Comfort Zone” as an Entrepreneur with Sonia Marsh [TDI102]


Being an entrepreneur, in many ways, is about having “guts” and stepping outside of your comfort zone.¬† Most successful entrepreneurs realize this early on and use it to their advantage.

Sonia Marsh, my guest today, is an independent author who has definitely lived a “gutsy” life.¬† It all began when she and her family uprooted their lives to live in a hut in Central America.¬† This eventually led to her own self-published book, which helped propel her business to where she also does coaching, speaking, and participates in other events.

In this interview, Sonia not only tells us about her adventurous journey, but she also offers some great advice on how “author entrepreneurs” should market/promote their books, and gives some invaluable tips on stepping outside of your “comfort zone.” I definitely learned a lot here.


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How 2 Affiliate Marketers “Screwed the 9 to 5” and Earned $16,892.04 in 1 Month with Jill Stanton [TDI101]


Leaving behind your 9 to 5 job. Creating a 6-figure passive income. Purchasing a home on an island that overlooks the ocean.¬† Being able to work from anywhere in the world.¬† Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

For Jill Stanton (and her husband Josh), this is reality.

I was very excited to interview Jill, knowing that she and Josh have had a ton of success as affiliate marketers (which they blog about at Screw the Nine to Five).¬† Aside from just building affiliate websites, they’ve expanded their business into other areas as well.

In this interview, Jill gives us a TON of good information – everything from how to select a niche when you’re just getting starting building an affiliate site, to the key resource she’s utilized for ranking these sites on Google. In addition, she shares her inspiring journey, talks about some success stories, and even goes into some of the big challenges she and Josh have faced.

This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

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How a TV Show Producer Became a Published Author with DJ Williams [TDI100]


While I typically like to focus specifically on internet entrepreneurs on The Daily Interview, I’m ultimately looking for stories that are interesting and inspiring.

Today’s guest, DJ Williams, may not be a traditional “internet entrepreneur,” but he has an interesting story, and much of what he does today has an online component.¬† DJ spent several years in the music business, and then made a change to work as a television producer.¬† Although he still works as a producer, he has more recently launched a career as an author.

The reason I like to sometimes focus a lot on authors and freelance writers is that they are often good examples of entrepreneurial endeavors.  In this interview, DJ tells us about his experience with marketing his book as well as how he managed to focus and stay productive writing his book, while also working as a producer.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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What Exactly IS Good Copy Writing? Tania Dakka Tells Us. [TDI099]


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty lousy when it comes to writing good copy.¬† At least, I think I am.¬† So, when I have an opportunity to interview someone who specializes in writing copy – I definitely take it!

Tania Dakka, today’s guest, specializes in bringing a unique (and compelling) voice to web sites, social media profiles, sales letters, and anything else where good copy can play an important role.¬† In this interview, we discuss how she got into writing copy for a living, how she’s been able to find clients, and most importantly, what are some of the good copy writing tips that she can share with us.

Let’s get to the interview!

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Succeeding with Authenticity and Financial Sexiness with Shannon from Financially Blonde [TDI098]


“Be yourself” is pretty common advice, but it often helps to see it in action.

Shannon, blogger at Financially Blonde and owner of NextGen Financial, has taken this advice to heart.  As a professional financial advisor, Shannon has used her personality as a key differentiator and a way to really connect with her audience (and clients).

In this interview, we not only discuss Shannon’s background, but we talk about how she’s been able to stand out in the personal finance niche, why she doesn’t feel comfortable pushing products on her blog, and why she doesn’t really believe she makes money from ads or affiliate links. ¬†However, she also mentions how her blog¬†does¬†actually help her earn an income.

Give it a read, and be sure to leave a comment. ūüôā

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How to Build a Social Media Following the Right Way (and Boost Your Business) with Zeb Welborn [TDI097]


I love stories like these.  Someone sets out to do one job, and eventually finds themselves creating an entirely new and unexpected business.  It happens more often than you might think.

Zeb Welborn, a former teacher, found his way into an internet marketing and social media business by accident, when he realized how these marketing strategies worked so well for his tutoring business.  In addition to his tutoring business, he now runs a successful internet marketing company, helping businesses (and has a special niche with golf courses) boost their online presence.

In this interview, Zeb tells us about his whole story and goes into a lot of great social media advice, including: being everywhere vs. focusing on 1-2 social media platforms, the most effective ways to build a following, and what he thinks might be the “next big thing” in the social media world.

Definitely check this one out if you’ve been struggling to grasp social media with your blog or business.

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Running a Business That Impacts 50,000+ Websites with James Gill from GoSquared [TDI096]


Can you imagine meeting up with co-founders and starting a business at the age of 15? And 8 years later, celebrating not only a long-lived business, but a massively valuable resource that has helped over 50,000 websites?

That’s James Gill’s story in a nutshell. ¬†Of course, there were twists and turns (and evolution) along the way. ¬†James is a co-founder of GoSquared, the “the simplest analytics service in the world.” ¬†They’ve taken a complex (yet incredibly important) part of running a business online (or an offline business with a web presence), and turned it into something simple and meaningful: ¬†Harnessing the power of real-time insights and analytics.

In this interview, James not only talks about the origins of GoSquared, but also gets into why this it’s a great solution (even over something as popular as Google Analytics), the importance (and difficulty) of building a team within your business, and the tips he has for someone who is afraid to jump into entrepreneurship with both feet.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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