How One Blogger Makes a Living from Blogging About WordPress with Devesh from WPKube [TDI095]


There are a number of competitive niches where the internet seems to be saturated with a ton of bloggers: the WordPress/blogging niche is one of them.  It goes without saying that finding success in a niche like this isn’t easy, so even moderate success can be impressive.

My guest today, Devesh, is a full time blogger from India who has managed to build and maintain a popular WordPress blog, WPKube.  Not only is this a well-written blog (in English, mind you, which is no small feat for someone who isn’t a native speaker),  but it gets around 50,000 visits per month and earns a 4-figure monthly sum.

In this interview, we talk about his background (which includes some shady endeavors, such as giving away software illegally online), how he monetizes his blog, and what his favorite WordPress plugins are.  Given that most of us (in the blogging community) use WordPress, there are some pretty useful resources listed here.


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How to Produce (and Crowdfund) a Passion-Based Internet Show with Caroline Shin [TDI094]


Anyone can start a blog (and so many people have).  But producing a internet-based video series – that’s a different beast.  There’s a lot more work and expenses to take on, which means there’s that much more at risk.

Caroline Shin is a multimedia journalist who has had all kinds of success “offline” (such as helping with the production of a JayZ video for New York Magazine).  Recently, with the help of a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign, she’s preparing to launch a web series called “Cooking with Granny,” which is a cooking show that aims to feature recipes for traditional dishes and stories that have been (and are being) passed down for generations.  Personally, I think it’s an amazing concept.

In this interview, we not only discuss the story behind this web series, but we talk about Caroline’s experience using Kickstarter to raise over $11,000 (including her tips for anyone else thinking about crowdfunding a project), what her plans are for the distribution of the web series, and how she plans to actually make money from it.

It’s an interesting story – check it out!

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The Path to Making Your Side Hustle a Full Time Business with Kali Hawlk [TDI093]


The side hustle: it’s so often the seed for entrepreneurial success.  It’s the grind you take on in your personal time, outside of your “normal job.”  It’s the project that is born from passion and motivation.

Today’s interview with Kali Hawlk from Common Sense Millennial really gives us a inside look at how someone makes the journey from a side hustle to a full-time business.  With Kali, it all began with a less-than-ideal job situation after graduating college.  It’s a problem so many graduates face: they spend all the time and money obtaining a college degree, only to find that they can’t get a well-paying job (or any job in some cases).

Kali explains how she made the leap from a job she really disliked to a passion-fueled side hustle that transformed into something she could do on a full-time basis (and she was able to quit her job this past May).  In addition to sharing her challenges, she also discusses how people with no experience can still build a side hustle and find success, and what it really takes to build an audience.

Enjoy the interview!

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Discussing One of My Favorite Sources of Passive Income with Peter Renton from Lend Academy [TDI092]


I’m a big believer in doing what you can to build sources of passive income.  Like most good things in life, passive income isn’t very easy to obtain.  It’s a wonderful thing once it’s established and you’re reaping the benefits. But generally, if you want to build a decent source of passive income, you need to invest time or money (or some combination of the two).

The least time consuming way to build passive income is by investing money.  For example, some stocks pay dividends, bank accounts pay interest (although that’s close to non-existent in today’s low rate environment), and rental properties earn rental income. 

All of these require you to risk your money.

As you might expect, the more risky the investment, the higher the potential return is (along with a greater chance for loss).  As a potential investor, one of your goals is to find investments that have a worthwhile return, given the risk.

With all of this in mind, we turn our attention to peer-to-peer lending (also sometimes called “social lending”).  In simple terms, this is when you lend money to another person, and that person repays you with interest.

Practically speaking, there are online platforms that allow borrowers to crowd source these funds.  In other words, someone might need to borrow $10,000, but you only have the ability to invest in $25 of that loan.  The nice part about these online platforms is that they help you remove some of the potential risk by evaluating the borrower (credit check, employment status, etc.) and giving you that information before you invest.

When selected correctly, many of these investments can provide a relatively high rate of return for a relatively low amount of risk.  Personally, I’ve been a big proponent of investing through Lending Club (affiliate link). You can read about exactly how I invest with Lending Club here.

In today’s interview, we talk about peer-to-peer lending with one of the industry’s experts – Peter Renton.  He discusses how he got started in the industry (with his blog, Lend Academy), what he thinks about the current peer-to-peer lending websites, and what he believes the future holds for this relatively new (and evolving) form of investing.

If you’re at all interested in this type of passive income, definitely check out the interview below!

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Soaking Up the Wisdom of 9 Years of Blogging Experience with Shane Ede [TDI091]


There are a lot of ways to measure success, but sometimes success is as simple as survival and longevity.

Shane Ede has been a blogger for over 9 years, which undoubtedly makes him one of the more experienced bloggers in existence today.  Although many were blogging back when he started, I’d venture to guess that most of them don’t blog today (aside from the successful ones, who probably make up a very small percentage).

In this interview, Shane and I discuss some basic areas of blogging, given that he’s seen it all.  We talk about monetization, growing traffic, and how someone can actually compete in a really competitive niche.  There really are no secret ingredients as you’ll find – sometimes it’s just a matter of learning from mistakes, being persistent, and being yourself.

Let’s get to the interview…

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How to Use Offline Relationships to Promote Your Content Online with Marcus Taylor [TDI090]


When it comes to promoting content online, most people tend to focus on social media, e-mail lists, and other channels for online communication.  It certainly makes sense, and it usually effective (how else are you going to reach thousands of people within a matter of minutes, without spending a lot of money?)

I enjoyed this interview with Marcus Taylor because he reminded me that building connections with people in “real life” (i.e. offline) can be incredibly powerful too.  It’s possible that one offline relationship could cause your content to be shared with over 200,000  people online (this is exactly what happened with Marcus).

In addition to discussing the power of offline relationships, we also discussed his digital marketing agency, why “great” content isn’t always a winning strategy, and why he doesn’t like to “be everywhere” on social media.

Check it out and enjoy!

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Quitting Your Job and Taking a Blog to New Heights with Jason Leake [TDI089]


I love stories where internet businesses are created almost by mistake.

You start a blog for fun.  Pretty soon, it catches on, and more and more people begin reading it. Before you know it, you have a massively successful website that receives 5 million page views per month and allows you to quit your day job to work full-time on it, while hiring 7 part-time contractors to help you grow and manage it.

Okay, that isn’t everyone’s story.  But it IS the story of Jason Leake, who helped his wife grow her blog into a legitimately successful business.  In this interview, Jason tells us all about his story of how he helped monetize and grow his wife’s blog, which allowed him to quit his corporate job.  He provides a ton of great data and tips in this interview, and the overall story is very inspiring.

Give it a read, and enjoy.

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Using Niche Sites to Build a Passive Income with Jeff Fruhwirth [TDI088]


I’ve always been intrigued by niche sites – they seem to be easy to create, and when you are able to build a successful one, it can become a nice source of passive income.  This isn’t always as easy as it sounds (and those of you who know me know that I’ve failed with niche sites many times), but it’s interesting to hear from people who have succeeded with them.

This interview features Jeff Fruhwirth, a blogger who runs Sustainable Life Blog and also owns a handful of niche sites and an eCommerce store.  In the interview, we discuss some of the sites he owns (including links to some of the sites), how successful they have been for him, and we even touch on his love for do-it-yourself projects and how it fits (or doesn’t fit) with his online business.

I like Jeff because he’s a very down to Earth guy who has shown that you don’t need to be some kind of expert or “guru” to find success online.  It’s a lot simpler than other people make it out to be.


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From $34,000 in Debt to Traveling the World with Tal Gur [TDI087]


Debt is one of those seemingly evil (yet often necessary) things in life that weighs us down so heavily.  Consumers and businesses alike use debt everyday – and it can be a very valuable tool that allows us to purchase items that we otherwise would never be able to afford.  Unfortunately, people can get carried away with it, and soon find themselves buried by it.

Today’s interview features Tal Gur – an online entrepreneur whose journey began when he was $34,000 in debt.  Not only was his credit maxed out, but he could barely afford life’s basic necessities.

This is a great story because it shows how someone with the right motivation and determination could take such a dire situation and turn it into a successful outcome.  By being goal-oriented and taking lots of consistent action, Tal has been able to build a debt-free life as an entrepreneur, with the ability to travel the world.  In addition to sharing his story in this interview, he talks about how and why he was able to really turn his life around and find success.

If you’re in a similar situation, or just need a good kick of motivation, this is a good read for you.

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How an 8-Figure Hosting Company Competes on Quality and Succeeds with Jason Cohen from WPEngine [TDI086]


The web hosting industry is a viciously competitive one.  We had a good look at it recently when we interviewed Cody McLain, who had some big successes and failures in that industry.

Here’s another amazing success story from someone in the web hosting industry – Jason Cohen from WPEngine.  In an industry where most businesses compete on price, Jason has focused primarily on quality.  In doing so, he’s found and mastered a niche in the WordPress space (i.e. providing hosting for sites that run WordPress).

In this interview, Jason discusses how WPEngine began, how they’ve positioned themselves to stand out in their industry, and how he took a very basic idea and grew it into a wildly successful, 8-figure business. What I found especially valuable in this interview were Jason’s tips about the things he wishes he knew when he first started out as an entrepreneur.

Check it out, and enjoy. 🙂

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