Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day, and for those of you who get the day off from work, enjoy! ūüôā

We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled interviews tomorrow.

Helping People Save Over $1.3 Billion for Retirement with Chad Parks from The Online 401(k) [TDI085]


If you work at a regular job, perhaps in a corporate environment, your retirement savings is probably easy to manage. ¬†You set a % of your salary aside each paycheck to go into the company’s 401(k) plan, and it’s pretty much hands off from there (at least, for awhile).

As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer, this can get a bit more tricky. ¬†It may not be clear what your options are, and if you’re extremely busy, you might neglect to ever figure it out. ¬†And when that happens, you’re setting yourself up for failure in retirement. ¬†Even if you do put money aside for retirement, you may be “leaving money on the table” by not approaching it with the right strategy.

Today’s interview features Chad Parks, founder of The Online 401(k). ¬†He has a unique online business that helps small business owners save for retirement. ¬†In an industry where people can be greedy and unethical, Chad’s business aims to take the mystery out of saving for retirement. ¬†In this interview, we discuss how his business started back in 1999, to where it’s gotten to today – helping people save over $1.3 billion for retirement.

This is a pretty inspiring interview, with a lot of important information for every entrepreneur. 

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Getting Inside the Mind of a Millennial with Erin Lowry [TDI084]


I think millennials today have a pretty bad reputation. ¬†As one myself, I can see truth in a lot of the stereotypes (they’re stereotypes for a reason), but I think millennials are also misunderstood simply because they have a different approach to life.

Here are some of the (negative) stereotypes:

  • Lazy
  • Short attention span
  • Feeling of entitlement
  • Require constant praise

While some millennials may show some or all of these characteristics, part of the problem is that older generations may view these characteristics out of context. ¬†For example, it may not be that millennials necessarily have short attention spans – it may be that they are always motivated to move onto something better. ¬†Technology in general has enabled us to be more efficient (while also providing more distraction), which I think plays a large role in what might be perceived as “short attention span.”

Another millennial trait – which is in line with all of the characteristics above – is the fact that millennials often don’t work at one job for too long. ¬†In addition, many pursue self-employment. ¬†It’s not because they are “lazy” and don’t want to stay dedicated to a job, but they prefer to live their lives with more flexibility.

It’s not uncommon for a millennial entrepreneur to take random days off from work, yet still put in a 50+ hour week. ¬†It’s all about flexibility – working when you are at your most effective and efficient. ¬†It may not fit into the standard “9 to 5” work day, which is why older generations struggle to define this characteristic, and are quick to use labels like “entitled” or “lazy.”

The reason I’m discussing millennials in some detail, is because my guest today (Erin Lowry) has a blog, Broke Millennial, that focuses on personal finance from the perspective of a millennial. ¬†In the interview, we talk briefly about her journey, and we also touch upon the fact that her professional life (working multiple jobs, freelancing, etc.) fits the typical “millennial” profile, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enjoy this quick interview, but also feel free to comment on what you think about millennials and how they are perceived. 

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The Key to Successfully Promoting Your Book with Joanna Penn [TDI083]


As most writers will tell you, you can’t expect to write a book and have it magically sell lots of copies on its own. ¬†You either need a pre-established audience, or you need to build an audience by promoting your book in the right ways. ¬†Neither of these is easy, but success in general usually isn’t either. ūüôā

Today’s guest, Joanna Penn, is a successful author who was able to leave behind her day job back in 2011 and make a living on her own (through her writing). ¬†As she shares in this interview, writing is only half the battle. Marketing is the key to success, and there are a variety of tools and channels that Joanna uses to promote her books and make them successful.

If you’re an aspiring writer, or are just interested in the power of marketing, this interview is for you.

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The Secret Tactic for Creating Viral Roundup Posts with Richard Marriott from Clambr [TDI082]


Everyone raves about “quality” content these days. ¬†The days of brief, uninformative content ranking in Google with shady SEO tactics is largely a thing of the past (although some people still get by with it). ¬†The big question is: if¬†everyone is focused on quality content, what ultimately stands out? ¬†How do you truly differentiate yourself and create something that people want to share and link back to?

Roundup posts are one of the more popular tactics these days, and they’re something that Richard Marriott (the guest of today’s interview) specializes in. ¬†There are a lot of ways you can do roundup posts, but the basic reason that they work is because you are drawing upon the knowledge and commentary of several different people. ¬†And by featuring them in¬†your¬†post, you increase the likelihood that they will share the post with their audiences. Pretty simple, and pretty common today.

Richard Marriot believes he’s found¬†the secret for getting these types of posts to go viral. ¬†He shares that “secret” in this interview, along with his story about how he created his site Clambr, and talks about his journey in getting to where he’s at today.

Check it out!

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5 of My Favorite Interviews (So Far) on The Daily Interview


I can’t believe it’s been just four months since we launched The Daily Interview, and we’ve already published over 80 interviews. ¬†That’s over 80 incredible internet entrepreneurs, who are all at different stages of their businesses, yet all have something valuable to share with us.

This week, we’re going to be on hiatus (this will happen from time to time), but I wanted to highlight five of my favorite interviews so far. ¬†These are in no particular order. ¬†And just because an interview¬†didn’t¬†make this list, doesn’t mean it’s not great. ¬†I’ve been very pleased by just about every interview we’ve done so far.

Enjoy my favorites below, and we’ll see you here next week when we resume our regular daily interviews.

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Why You Should Get a College Degree, Even as an Aspiring Entrepreneur with Justin Bouchard [TDI081]


As a college educated person (I have both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting), I’m a big proponent for higher education. ¬†I realize it’s not for everyone though.

I think it’s somewhat common for entrepreneurial minded people (or those who may actually have a functioning business of their own) to think that college is a waste of time/money, especially when they ultimately won’t need a degree for whatever they need to do. ¬†That’s why I was pretty excited to interview Justin from My University Money to get his thoughts on the topic.

In addition, we also discuss how and why he started his blog, some of his successes, and some advice for people who may just be starting out in the world of blogging.  Justin has a pretty interesting story about how he created and now runs a blog with a partner (vs. doing it alone like many people do).

Check it out, and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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How to Write an Epic Blog Post with Jules Taggart from amp&pivot [TDI080]


Content marketing is probably one of the most-hyped marketing strategies for blogs and businesses today because it’s not only super effective, but cost efficient as well.

My guest today, Jules Taggart from amp&pivot, is an expert in this space. ¬†She believes that building connections are the key to growing a successful business, and one of the best ways to do this is with compelling content. I definitely agree with this, and it’s the foundation that her business was built upon.

In this interview, we not only dig into her story and background a bit, but we discuss writing epic content (the type of content that compels people to actually take action) and how to get that content in front of people. After all, it’s nice to write great content…but if there’s no one there to read it and share it, who cares?

Enjoy the interview.

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The Thrill of Having a Side Business Pay for Your Biggest Expense with Eric Rosenberg [TDI079]


Most internet entrepreneurs who find success with their businesses (which start off as “side businesses”) tend to have an end goal in mind: to quit their “9 to 5” job and work on their own business full-time. ¬† But that isn’t always the case.

Eric Rosenberg, blogger at¬†Narrow Bridge Finance, has seen some nice success with his side businesses. ¬†They’re not quite at the point where they replace his full-time job income, but they are growing and in all likelihood, the income will eventually be at a point where he¬†could¬†quit his day job. ¬†But that isn’t in the plans, and he’ll explain why in this interview.

Also in this interview, we discuss what exactly his various side businesses are (one of them will probably surprise you), and how he manages to compete in the highly competitive niche of personal finance.


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How One Blogger Saw Rapid Growth By Connecting with Other Parents with Sumitha Bhandarkar [TDI078]


Parenthood is something that literally millions of people around the world share in common. ¬†And it’s one of those significant life milestones that most people reach with very little experience on how to handle it.

Although parenting may not be easy, most people get by on the fact that being a parent is in our nature as human beings. ¬†We instinctively know how to further our own race (that is, the human race). ¬†But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect – far from it. ¬†And this is something Sumitha Bhandarkar has really focused on with her blog, A Fine Parent.

She launched this blog back in October 2013, and it has already seen some great success. ¬†Her site’s Facebook page even has 30,000 likes, which is incredible. ¬†In this interview, Sumitha shares the story of how her blog came to be and how she’s built it to be successful in such a short period of time by simply connecting with other people and offering¬†real value.

Check it out and see for yourself.

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