Building a Successful Blog by Keeping it Simple with Lynette from Cleverly Simple [TDI077]


When bloggers try to compete in a crowded and competitive niche, they often think they need to be super innovative, and come up with something so advanced and unheard of.  Sometimes, that works.

However, as Lynette from Cleverly Simple has found, the opposite can be true as well.  In the coupon/budgeting niche, blogs tend to get a bit noisy and complicated, and she’s found success by keeping things simple.  It’s one of the things that has really helped her grow an audience (to what is now over 90,000 unique visitors each month).

In this interview, we not only discuss how and why Lynette created Cleverly Simple, but also how she makes money with the blog and what seems to be the most effective.

I’ll let her explain the rest…

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How One Web Application Can Help You Stick to Your Goals with Harry Che from GoalsOnTrack [TDI076]


Today’s interview features Harry Che, a software developer who created his own software business.  As is the case with many software creators, Harry’s software product, GoalsOnTrack, started as a personal project. He was able to solve his own problem with this application, and knew that many others would probably benefit from this product as well.

Thanks to its success, Harry now works full-time on his software business.  In this interview, we talk a bit about his GoalsOnTrack application, why he thinks it’s been successful, and what the product’s most successful marketing strategy has been so far.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Capturing the Voices of One Million Entrepreneurs with Miriam Feiler [TDI075]


I really admire anyone who attempts to accomplish a massive project for the greater good of society. It’s never easy, and may not always be successful, but just going for it and working hard at it is very admirable.

Miriam Feiler is attempting to do something huge: capture the voice and wisdom of one million entrepreneurs.  One million.

The foundation behind this project (or experiment, as Miriam calls it) goes beyond merely featuring an entrepreneur and his or her business.  It’s about the the voice of the entrepreneur, and how that voice can inspire others to take action and pursue entrepreneurial journeys themselves.  Good entrepreneurs are naturally problem solvers, and with more of these types of entrepreneurs, the world would likely be a better place.

In this interview, Miriam talks about the crowd funding campaign she’s currently running for this project on IndieGogo, and even better, if you’re an entrepreneur yourself, she explains how you can become a part of this great project (and an incentive to upload your one-minute video to the project).

Check it out, and enjoy!

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How to REALLY “Make It” As a Freelance Writer Online with Miranda Marquit [TDI074]


Through all the freelance writers we’ve interviewed on The Daily Interview, Miranda Marquit is one of my favorite guests.  Not only does she have great writing experience, but she really has a firm understanding of how to be successful as a freelance writer.

Even better (for us), she’s done a great job of conveying those tips and strategies in today’s interview.  In addition to talking about how she got started in this industry, she offers some incredibly valuable advice about how she can command a high rate when writing for clients (and how you can too), and how she goes about marketing and promoting her services.

There’s a lot of good stuff here.  Be sure to take it all in!

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4 Basic SEO Tactics That Will Still Be Effective Years from Now with Venchito [TDI073]


SEO is a tricky game, because the rules can (and do) change unexpectedly.  And even when they do change, you still don’t necessarily know how they changed or why they changed.

Some things never seem to change, however.  That’s one of the things I focused on in today’s interview with guest and professional SEO, Venchito Tampon. In addition to some general SEO tactics that may be around for a long time, we briefly touched on local SEO tactics (i.e. SEO tactics for local businesses’ websites, such as one for a local electrician or beauty salon).

Venchito operates his own SEO and digital marketing agency in the Philippines, and he’s had a good amount of success in a relatively short period of time. He may only have a couple years worth of experience in the SEO game, but he has a good head on his shoulders, and I know he has the skills to provide some real value to his clients.

Keep reading, and learn more about Venchito’s SEO experience.

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Building and Growing a Massive Blog Network with Teresa Mears from Living on the Cheap [TDI072]


Building one website and turning it into a success can be a pretty daunting task, but doing it with an entire network is considerably more challenging.  Because it’s often more work than one person can handle, a lot of time and effort is spent finding and coordinating the right people who are responsible for each piece of the network.

That’s the challenge that today’s guest, Teresa Mears, regularly encounters as the executive editor of Living on the Cheap, a network of local “On the Cheap” sites that focuses on deals, personal finance tips, and other information specific to each city/local market.  It’s a great concept that I’m sure took a lot of work to execute.

Teresa talks more about the challenges that she faces in her role, but also touches upon the success of the network, how they’ve built a massive social media presence, and the importance of local (face-to-face) networking.


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A Real Groupon Competitor? Interview with Herby Fabius from Triplefy [TDI071]


Often times, innovation is about taking an existing product or idea and tweaking it, or improving it.  It’s how technology advances, and it’s how we, as human beings, evolve.

Today’s guest, Herby Fabius, is the co-founder of Triplefy, an online service that allows businesses to sell their own “deals” (similar to Groupon) without the substantial cost and potential inconvenience having to go through a third-party company.  The basic idea behind the “deal” or discount isn’t original – and it wasn’t original when Groupon or Living Social created their businesses.  But the way the idea is implemented – that’s different – and it’s where a business like Triplefy can innovate.

In this interview, Herby talks briefly about the success and failure he’s faced, but he also goes more in depth on the lessons learned from starting and growing Triplefy.  Hint: They’re universal, and can probably be applied to any new business.

Check it out and see for yourself.

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Starting a Successful Hosting Business (With $600K+ Annual Revenue) Before Turning 18 with Cody McLain [TDI070]


All successful entrepreneurs can be inspiring, but what really gets me fired up (with inspiration) are those who can do it at a young age – and keep it going.

Today’s guest, Cody McLain, has an awesome story.  I’m not exaggerating – if there is any interview you read on this site, this better be one of them.

Throughout Cody’s journey (which includes starting a hosting company and building it to more than 3,000 customers before the age of 18), he has learned a lot of really valuable lessons.  I won’t spoil too much, but one of his biggest failures was losing a business that he built up to $600,000 in annual revenue. He shares the full story, the lessons learned, and so much more in this interview.

Seriously. You will want to read this one.
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How This App Creator is Changing Lives with Jackie Beck from The Debt Myth [TDI069]


Although this is another interview with a personal finance blogger, this one is pretty unique. This blogger (Jackie Beck) has created a smartphone app that is literally helping lots of people change their lives for the better.

The app, called Pay Off Debt, has helped tens of thousands of people systematically pay down debt in a way that gives them quick wins and long-term success.  The Daily Interview has yet to feature an app creator (before today), so I’m excited to talk about this one a bit.

In this interview, we not only talk about Jackie’s personal finance blogs (yes, more than one), but we go into some detail on how she created her “Pay Off Debt” app without any prior experience in the app creation area.  We also talk about her successes, her failures, and how you could be holding yourself back by blogging anonymously.

Let’s get to the interview.

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183K Facebook Fans and 2+ Million Monthly Pageviews with Tracie Fobes from Penny Pinchin’ Mom [TDI068]


I really can’t get enough of the stories about people who started off in a bad place ($30,000+ in debt, for example), and emerged to not only eliminate their debt, but build a wildly successful business.

Tracie from Penny Pinchin’ Mom fits that description pretty well.  Although it started out as a little blog about budgeting and couponing, it has since grown into a massive website with over 180,000 Facebook fans, 2+ million pageviews each month, and more.  Penny Pinchin’ Mom isn’t your average coupon blog – Tracie has built an innovate coupon database that provides massive value for her readers.

We talk about a several things in this interview: her story, her successes, and how she’s been able to attract such a large audience.  It’s an inspiring story to say the least.

I’ll let Tracie explain the rest.

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