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The Toolbox for Success

The great part about meeting and getting to know various internet entrepreneurs and bloggers is that you get to learn about the tools and resources that help make them successful.

Below are many of the online resources recommended by those we have featured on the The Daily Interview:

Please note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you make purchase (at no extra cost to you). These small sales are how I keep the site up and running, so your support is appreciated!

Website/Blog Hosting & Domain

  • BlueHost – This is the hosting provider we use here, and has been recommended by many of our guests.  For $6.99/month, you get a free domain, unlimited hosting space (which means you can host multiple websites/blogs and it won’t raise your price), and WordPress installation is very easy (“1-click installation”).

Blog Platform & Design

  • WordPress.org (Free) – This is my preferred platform for building a blog, because of its ease and flexibility. Once you have a hosting account (see BlueHost above), you can install WordPresswith one click.  From there, building a blog or website is easy.
  • Theme Forest – Theme Forest has one of the best selections of WordPress themes.  In fact, it’s where I found the one I use for The Daily Interview.  You can find a professional, unique looking theme for a small fraction of the price it would cost you to pay someone to design a theme from scratch.  (Most themes are less than $50.)

WordPress Plugins

E-Mail Marketing

  • Aweber – I use Aweber for the e-mail lists on all of my websites, and there’s a reason that you see so many people using it (and promoting it).  It’s easy and it works well.  If you have a website, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a list.  Even if you never plan to sell anything to your list, building a list is a great way to make sure you can always get your subscribers to come back to your website.

Image Editing

  • PicMonkey (Free) – I love how easy it is to edit images with this web-based tool.  It’s nothing too fancy, but if you just want to add some text to an image and have it look somewhat professional, PicMonkey works really well.

Productivity Tools

  • Coffitivity (free) – Mimics the background noise of coffee shops and other public places where people like to work.  Great for improving productivity if you don’t like working in a silent room or find music to be distracting.

Informational Resources

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  1. Good stuff…something for everyone…..
    I get how powerful the online business world can be just stuck on where to begin…

    Question …I have online profiles and websites for my two business’s that I own..
    Do you think I should or could merge them..one is a digital marketing and creative firm and the other a franchise recruitment firm…not so much related but build and operated by me..

    Your thoughts….keep smiling…

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