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How 2 Affiliate Marketers “Screwed the 9 to 5” and Earned $16,892.04 in 1 Month with Jill Stanton [TDI101]


Leaving behind your 9 to 5 job. Creating a 6-figure passive income. Purchasing a home on an island that overlooks the ocean.  Being able to work from anywhere in the world.  Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

For Jill Stanton (and her husband Josh), this is reality.

I was very excited to interview Jill, knowing that she and Josh have had a ton of success as affiliate marketers (which they blog about at Screw the Nine to Five).  Aside from just building affiliate websites, they’ve expanded their business into other areas as well.

In this interview, Jill gives us a TON of good information – everything from how to select a niche when you’re just getting starting building an affiliate site, to the key resource she’s utilized for ranking these sites on Google. In addition, she shares her inspiring journey, talks about some success stories, and even goes into some of the big challenges she and Josh have faced.

This is one interview you won’t want to miss!

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How to Build a Business While Working a 9-to-5 Job with Nick Loper [TDI038]


More than anything, I respect the “side hustle.”  The hours of sweat and tears put in by someone after they’ve spent all day working at the “9-to-5” job that pays the bills.

It’s not easy.

But the truth is, it’s probably the best way to start a business with little risk.  The downside, of course, is that your average work day becomes much longer.

I’m excited to interview today’s guest – Nick Loper – because his site is all about featuring and learning from other people’s side hustles.  In some ways, he’s done a lot of what I hope The Daily Interview can eventually do.

It’s fascinating to read about these side hustles, and today we’re going to talk about Nick’s story as well as the best side hustle he’s seen through his site.  He’ll also discuss what he thinks is the best way to get started with a side hustle if you’re looking to eventually break free from your day job.

Check it out!

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On The Path to a Six-Figure Passive Income with Quinton Hamp [TDI031]


I like Quinton Hamp because he’s just a regular guy who figured out what works, and keeps scaling it, building on his successes.

He makes his money through affiliate income, across several niche sites and other internet properties that he owns.  Quinton made his way onto my radar when he went from making only $600 or so in a month at the beginning of 2013, to over $10,000 in December 2013.

That kind of growth doesn’t go unnoticed! If he keeps up his current pace, he will definitely hit the often-desired “six-figure” mark, and it’s well deserved.

In this interview, Quinton talks a lot about some of the reasons for his success.

I think there’s something you can learn from him.

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Building an Affiliate Marketing Empire with Justice Wordlaw IV [TDI015]


Today we’re interviewing Justice Wordlaw IV, an affiliate marketer who has been able to build a really nice online income for himself and his family (and has a pretty cool name too).

Unlike many of our other guests on The Daily Interview, he doesn’t really like blogging.

In fact, he believes that paid traffic and e-mail list subscribers are a much faster and more effective way to promote a product.

Justice certainly knows what he’s doing, and he doesn’t hold back his advice in this interview.

Check it out (and leave us a comment when you’re done!). XZ7KKDBGWEUU 

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