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$20K Monthly Affiliate Commissions, High Value Freelance Writing, and More with Kevin Muldoon [TDI109]


Occasionally, I come across interviews that really go above and beyond my expectations. This interview is one of those – a treat, in my opinion.

Today’s guest is Kevin Muldoon, an internet entrepreneur who has done a ton of different things online (dating all the way back to 2000, which is a long time in internet years).  He has built and sold blogs, he’s made $20,000 a month in affiliate commissions in the gambling niche, and he’s done a lot of freelance writing/blogging.

This interview is jam-packed with lots of good advice and wisdom.  To start, Kevin walks us through his journey, which is really interesting in and of itself.  He also explains how he built large audiences for his blogs, and goes in depth about how (and why) certain writers can command over $100 per article.

Once again – lots of great content here – make sure you give this one a read.

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Why Your Work Ethic Is More Important than Anything Else with Catherine Alford [TDI107]


People often like to play up the importance of “luck” or being in the “right place at the right time,” when in reality, we all know what drives success: work ethic.  Hard work may not guarantee success, but it virtually eliminates the chances that you will fail forever (assuming you don’t give up).

Today’s guest, Catherine Alford (Cat), is a prime example of this.  She does what a lot of people do (freelance writing and blogging) in a niche that is saturated with writers (personal finance), yet she recognized early on that she could push through these barriers simply by working harder than other people (and not being afraid of rejection).

In this interview, Cat talks about how she got into blogging, the challenges she overcame, and how she managed to get published by The Huffington Post.  As you’ll find out, there was no magic at work here: she was persistent, worked extremely hard, and it ultimately paid off.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere, this interview will give you the much needed motivation to put in some hard work.

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The TOP Strategies for Growing Your Blog’s Traffic, with Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard [TDI049]


Note (7/10/14): This interview was originally published on 3/19/14. This week, we’re going to feature some of my favorite interviews that were published when The Daily Interview was brand new, that many of you may have missed. As I’m busy packing and getting ready to move to a new home later this month, I’ve decided to take another week off from posting new interviews. Don’t worry though – we’ll be back with new interviews starting next Monday. In the mean time, enjoy this one! 

Today guest is Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard.  Adam’s had several great accomplishments online, but one that really sticks out to me is the fact he was able to create a blog in December of 2012 (in the super competitive niche of “blogging”) and really create a space for himself, all while working a full-time job.

In this interview, we talk about his background and how he got started with his blog, and then we dive into some really awesome tips about some of the best ways to take your site’s traffic to the next level.

(One of Adam’s traffic growth suggestions is something I hadn’t even heard about before.)

Enjoy the interview!

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“Don’t Quit, Get Laid!” – Leaving Wall Street for Blogging with Sam from Financial Samurai [TDI042]


Note (7/8/14): This interview was originally published on 3/10/14. This week, we’re going to feature some of my favorite interviews that were published when The Daily Interview was brand new, that many of you may have missed. As I’m busy packing and getting ready to move to a new home later this month, I’ve decided to take another week off from posting new interviews. Don’t worry though – we’ll be back with new interviews starting next Monday. In the mean time, enjoy this one! 🙂

There are few people I admire more than Sam Dogen, the mastermind behind the blog Financial Samurai.

I love a great entrepreneurial story, but I especially love when it involves leaving behind a very successful career to pursue a genuine passion.  In Sam’s case, he worked on Wall Street for 13 years before his passion for blogging (and doing other projects on his own) pushed him to want to leave his job (in addition to feeling burned out).

Here’s where things got interesting: He didn’t quit. He engineered a layoff that basically allowed him to get paid a six-figure sum in the form of a severance package.

Even better, his blog has been a massive success (his writing is very interesting, especially if you’re into personal finance), and I think it still has room to grow.

You can read the interview to find out the rest of his story.

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How a Doctor Dominated a Super Specific Blogging Niche with James M. Dahle, MD [TDI103]


It’s extremely common for bloggers to select a popular niche and dig right into it.  The good bloggers will find a way to bring out their unique voices and perspectives, but there typically isn’t a lot of real innovation.

But to take a very popular and saturated niche – like personal finance – and carve out your own sub-niche that you can dominate (almost completely), is a completely different story.  It also serves as a great lesson that even something like blogging can still be open to innovation.

Today’s interview features James M. Dahle, MD, an emergency physician.  As a CPA who has worked with doctors before (as clients), I’ve seen how many people in the medical profession often don’t understand (or don’t care to understand) personal finance, which leaves them open to less-than-noble individuals who can take advantage of them.  And that’s why James created his blog – to help other doctors better understand personal finance.

As you’ll read in this interview, James has found a way to really make a name for himself (and his blog) by providing information that generally wasn’t available before (to doctors) – or at least, not with the same depth that James offers.  He also explains what types of monetization work well for his blog, and gives some advice on how other bloggers may be able to find similar success.

Enough from me – let’s get to the interview.

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Soaking Up the Wisdom of 9 Years of Blogging Experience with Shane Ede [TDI091]


There are a lot of ways to measure success, but sometimes success is as simple as survival and longevity.

Shane Ede has been a blogger for over 9 years, which undoubtedly makes him one of the more experienced bloggers in existence today.  Although many were blogging back when he started, I’d venture to guess that most of them don’t blog today (aside from the successful ones, who probably make up a very small percentage).

In this interview, Shane and I discuss some basic areas of blogging, given that he’s seen it all.  We talk about monetization, growing traffic, and how someone can actually compete in a really competitive niche.  There really are no secret ingredients as you’ll find – sometimes it’s just a matter of learning from mistakes, being persistent, and being yourself.

Let’s get to the interview…

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Quitting Your Job and Taking a Blog to New Heights with Jason Leake [TDI089]


I love stories where internet businesses are created almost by mistake.

You start a blog for fun.  Pretty soon, it catches on, and more and more people begin reading it. Before you know it, you have a massively successful website that receives 5 million page views per month and allows you to quit your day job to work full-time on it, while hiring 7 part-time contractors to help you grow and manage it.

Okay, that isn’t everyone’s story.  But it IS the story of Jason Leake, who helped his wife grow her blog into a legitimately successful business.  In this interview, Jason tells us all about his story of how he helped monetize and grow his wife’s blog, which allowed him to quit his corporate job.  He provides a ton of great data and tips in this interview, and the overall story is very inspiring.

Give it a read, and enjoy.

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How One Blogger Saw Rapid Growth By Connecting with Other Parents with Sumitha Bhandarkar [TDI078]


Parenthood is something that literally millions of people around the world share in common.  And it’s one of those significant life milestones that most people reach with very little experience on how to handle it.

Although parenting may not be easy, most people get by on the fact that being a parent is in our nature as human beings.  We instinctively know how to further our own race (that is, the human race).  But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect – far from it.  And this is something Sumitha Bhandarkar has really focused on with her blog, A Fine Parent.

She launched this blog back in October 2013, and it has already seen some great success.  Her site’s Facebook page even has 30,000 likes, which is incredible.  In this interview, Sumitha shares the story of how her blog came to be and how she’s built it to be successful in such a short period of time by simply connecting with other people and offering real value.

Check it out and see for yourself.

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Being a Workaholic and Loving It (Unconventionally) with Sydney from Untemplater [TDI067]


Being a “workaholic” often comes with a lot of negative connotations.  After all, work can be tiring and stressful, so working a lot has to be a bad thing, right?

However, as today’s guest (Sydney from Untemplater) has discovered, it’s possible to be a workaholic and love every minute of it.  Sure, there can be challenging moments, but overall, she loves everything she does.  And instead of writing her off as an anomaly, I prefer to dig in and find out more about what makes her a success.  Anyone who can work a lot, become successful, and really enjoy it, is obviously doing something right.

In this interview, we talk about her plans to leave her corporate job to work online full-time (hint: it may never happen, because she enjoys it all), and how she’s built her audience at Untemplater.

Check it out!

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Getting Paid to Do What You Love with Luke Landes from Consumerism Commentary [TDI062]


For some people, entrepreneurship is really about getting paid to do what you love.  It’s about taking a passion and running with it.

For my guest today, Luke Landes, that’s exactly how he approached his blog and business, and it paid off very well.  Luke started the website Consumerism Commentary over 10 years ago, so he’s a true veteran in the blogging community.  His blog started as a hobby, and eventually turned into a valuable resource that allowed him to quit his regular job (when the site was earning three times what he earned at his job).

Some of the things we discussed in this interview include how Luke manages to still come up with topics to write about after 10+ years of blogging, and how someone can start a blog today in a competitive niche, and STILL be a big success.

Check it out (and remember to leave a comment at the end)!

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