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What an Artist Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship Online with Amantha Tsaros [TDI108]


As I’ve written about many times here, I love reading (and sharing) stories of entrepreneurs with unique online businesses.

Today’s guest, Amantha Tsaros, is an artist who sells her art and blogs at http://www.amanthatsaros.com.  Don’t get me wrong – I recognize that selling artwork is probably one of the oldest types of business in humankind, but it’s not often that internet entrepreneurs who focus on selling art are featured in interviews like these.

In this interview, we explore how Amantha operates her business selling artwork online.  It’s interesting to see how some traditional internet marketing tactics (like guest blogging and e-mail marketing) work for a business that sells artwork.  For example, Amantha’s been able to build a very targeted e-mail list that saw an open rate last month of 63% (which is awesome).

Anyway, read the interview for yourself and see what you think!

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A 6-Figure Online Business that Sells Handkerchiefs with Steve Chou [TDI036]


Note (7/9/14): This interview was originally published on 2/28/14. This week, we’re going to feature some of my favorite interviews that were published when The Daily Interview was brand new, that many of you may have missed. As I’m busy packing and getting ready to move to a new home later this month, I’ve decided to take another week off from posting new interviews. Don’t worry though – we’ll be back with new interviews starting next Monday. In the mean time, enjoy this one! 

I love businesses that start from personal problems.

There’s something extra rewarding about doing something to solve a problem that you have, and then finding a way to turn it into a business.

That’s what Steve Chou and his wife did.  They took a simple problem that came about when they were planning their wedding – and couldn’t find the exact solution that they needed.  So they created the solution themselves.

This business (and you can read all the details about exactly what it is, in the interview) was so successful that it generated $100,000 of profit in the very first year.  That’s amazing.

There’s a great story here, and I know you’re going to really like it.


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2 Really Valuable Lessons from Failure (and Great Success) with Nick Reese [TDI057]


Today, we’re featuring serial entrepreneur Nick Reese.

Nick has been through a lot in his entrepreneurial journey: From great success in e-commerce, to running an online business that helps people shop for broadband services, he’s had a lot of valuable experience.

As Nick will point out in the interview, sometimes juggling too many businesses or projects can be stressful – and even catastrophic.

My biggest takeaway from this interview actually comes from two big lessons that Nick learned from a business where he saw his inventory basically vanish overnight.

Keep reading, and find out what those lessons were.

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Replacing Your Paycheck and Quitting Your Job in 7 Months with Jan Koch [TDI050]


For some people, replacing your full-time income with a side business is a long journey.  For others, like my guest today (Jan Koch),  it was a matter of only 7 months.

There are a lot of strategies for leaving behind a job that you really hate, and in this interview, Jan talks about some of the things he did to free himself.  Starting a business is scary, but if you can do it without risking your financial stability, you’ll be in a much better position.

I’ll let Jan explain the rest.

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How to Make Money Online via Craigslist with LaJuan the Craigslist Hustler [TDI044]


When I see unique ways to make money online, I’m instantly drawn to them.

Ironically, making a living on Craigslist doesn’t seem unique at all (at first glance).  After all, Craigslist is nothing more than an online classifieds site, and selling physical items in the classifieds (e.g. in paper newspapers) is one of the oldest ways to sell your stuff.

Is this way to make a living online so “old” that people today complete overlook it?  That may be the reason why LaJuan (the “Craigslist Hustler”) has what appears to be a really unique and interesting business model.

But it goes beyond that.

LaJuan uses strategies that I believe are actually unique.  It’s more than just “selling your junk on Craigslist.”  It’s a legitimate business model.

Check out LaJuan’s story in this interview.

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Managing the Blog of E-junkie (A Major E-Commerce Site) with Akriti Joshi [TDI023]


Today’s interview is with Akriti Joshi, the manager for the blog over at E-junkie, a popular online shopping cart site that allows website owners to sell digital and tangible goods on the internet.

Sometimes we look at blogs as “standalone” entities, when in fact, they are often a critical marketing tool for large businesses.

As a fan and user of E-junkie, I wanted to learn more about how the blog actually helps the E-junkie business and brand.  Akriti was kind enough to answer my questions and tell us a little bit more about how she got involved with E-junkie.

It’s a quick interview, but if you’ve ever wondered about how large sites handle their blogging activity, you’ll enjoy it!

Let’s head over to the interview.

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Replacing the 9-to-5 Income and Traveling Like a Boss with Johnny FD [TDI018]


Starting an online business and traveling the world is “the dream” as far as many aspiring internet entrepreneurs are concerned.

This guy, Johnny FD, has done just that.

He started an e-commerce business, wrote a travel book, and never looked back.  Sure, there were failures along the way, but as you’ll see, he overcame them and moved to greater heights.

In this interview, you can read all about Johnny’s journey, as he shares his tips about how other people can do what he has done.


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Surviving in the E-Commerce World with Andrew Youderian [TDI014]


Today’s interview with Andrew Youderian features a guy who has found success in the traditional way of making money on the internet: selling physical products online (e-commerce).

With Amazon and other large retailers dominating this space, it’s amazing to hear stories about the people who still find a way to be successful.

Not only did Andrew find a way to be successful with e-commerce, but he (spoiler alert) recently sold one of his sites for $185,000.  Not bad.

This interview is actually a pretty quick read (compared to some of our others), but believe me, there is still a lot of great information here.

I won’t spoil anything else – check out the interview!

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