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3 Million Monthly Page Views & Serial Entrepreneurship with Matthew Paulson [TDI054]


Nothing gets me as exited as talking with a serial entrepreneur.  If you think regular entrepreneurs are interesting, serial entrepreneurs will blow you away.

Matthew Paulson, today’s guest, fits the serial entrepreneur “mold” quite nicely.  His journey began in 2007, and since then, he’s built several online businesses.  These aren’t little niche sites either.  They are a handful of full-fledged websites that (in total) receive 2-3 million page views per month.  To top it off, one of his site’s e-mail lists has about 84,000 subscribers.

In this interview, Matthew gives us a nice overview of each of the sites he currently works on.  He also gives some great tips about his general approach in building a large e-mail list, how he’s able to manage multiple businesses at once, and what he would do if he was starting from the beginning today.

Check it out!

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How a Police Officer Became a Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur with Tim Bourquin [TDI047]


I don’t say this about too many interviews – but today’s is an epic one.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Bourquin, who went from being a cop for the LAPD, to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.  This wasn’t a “one hit wonder” either – he has successfully started and grown multiple businesses, a couple of which he eventually sold.

In this interview, Tim takes us through his many successes (and even a failure or two) in great depth – very fascinating and inspiring stuff.

Today, he runs an innovative internet business that I think you’ll find interesting, especially if you currently have an e-mail list for your website or business.

Check it out and let me know what you think (in the comments)!

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Building a 6-Figure Income through Kindle Publishing with Steve Scott [TDI026]


Today we’ve got an inspiring interview with Steve Scott, who is proof that a little bit of strategy and persistence pays off when it comes to earning an income online.

Although he’s experimented with various internet marketing projects in the past, his current focus is on publishing Kindle books, where he’s on pace to earn a six-figure income from that business alone.

If you’re interested in writing Kindle books, or it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past, you’ll want to read through this interview. Steve shares a lot of great tips and shows why he’s been so successful.

Enjoy the interview!

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