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$20K Monthly Affiliate Commissions, High Value Freelance Writing, and More with Kevin Muldoon [TDI109]


Occasionally, I come across interviews that really go above and beyond my expectations. This interview is one of those – a treat, in my opinion.

Today’s guest is Kevin Muldoon, an internet entrepreneur who has done a ton of different things online (dating all the way back to 2000, which is a long time in internet years).  He has built and sold blogs, he’s made $20,000 a month in affiliate commissions in the gambling niche, and he’s done a lot of freelance writing/blogging.

This interview is jam-packed with lots of good advice and wisdom.  To start, Kevin walks us through his journey, which is really interesting in and of itself.  He also explains how he built large audiences for his blogs, and goes in depth about how (and why) certain writers can command over $100 per article.

Once again – lots of great content here – make sure you give this one a read.

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Why Shameless Promotion of Your Content Can Actually Be a Good Thing with Karol K [TDI104]


It’s been pointed out in several past interviews, but it’s always worth mentioning again: It doesn’t matter if you have a great product, or great content, if no one knows about it.  The key to success usually has something to do with your marketing and promotion strategy.

I found today’s guest, Karol K, to be really interesting because he seems to have “figured it out.”  As a blogger, freelance writer, and now WordPress plugin creator, he understands the value of promoting your product and content the right way.  And he did it all despite a language barrier (English is not his native language).

In this interview, Karol shares with us his story about how he got started as a freelance writer, talks about his awesome social share plugin (that is especially helpful for new bloggers), and discusses his primary method for promoting his content.  I’ll give you a hint: It’s very simple, yet most people never focus much on it.

Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment when you’re done!

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How to REALLY “Make It” As a Freelance Writer Online with Miranda Marquit [TDI074]


Through all the freelance writers we’ve interviewed on The Daily Interview, Miranda Marquit is one of my favorite guests.  Not only does she have great writing experience, but she really has a firm understanding of how to be successful as a freelance writer.

Even better (for us), she’s done a great job of conveying those tips and strategies in today’s interview.  In addition to talking about how she got started in this industry, she offers some incredibly valuable advice about how she can command a high rate when writing for clients (and how you can too), and how she goes about marketing and promoting her services.

There’s a lot of good stuff here.  Be sure to take it all in!

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Should You Work for Free? Interview with Ali Luke from Aliventures [TDI061]


Writing is a skill that has so many applications – it’s no surprise that we’ve featured a lot of freelance writers on The Daily Interview.  The ability to write can go a long way for someone who wants to become an internet entrepreneur.

One person who has taken advantage of the ability to write is Ali Luke from Aliventures.  She writes for her own sites, for client sites, and has even written for the “For Dummies” series that you’ve probably seen in book stores everywhere.

In this interview, Ali explains what she’s been able to do as a freelancer writer, and gives a lot of good advice for people who want to make writing a source of income online.  She even discusses why you might want to work for free…

Check it out!

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Quit Your Job and Double Your Income Every Month with Holly Johnson [TDI056]


Today’s guest is Holly Johnson – the blogger behind Club Thrifty, a personal finance blog that started in 2012 and has since grown in popularity.  So popular, in fact, that the income (and writing jobs) that Holly earned as a result allowed her to quit her “9 to 5” job.

This is definitely one of our shorter interviews we’ve published on The Daily Interview, but it’s worth the quick read.  Holly shares some insights about her success with her blog and freelance writing.

I asked her about how someone might find success in freelance writing like she has – and her answer may surprise you.

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend.

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Not Asking for Help With This Might Be Holding You Back (According to Carrie Smith) [TDI052]


One of the things that seems to really plague an entrepreneur’s growth is failing to ask for help when needed.  For today’s guest, Carrie Smith, this was a big breakthrough that really helped take her online business to the next level.

Carrie’s story starts out like many others – she worked as an accountant, in a job where she gradually became less and less happy over time.  She eventually broke free to pursue her blog (Careful Cents), among other projects, full time.  It hasn’t even been a year since she quit her accounting job, and she’s already making just as much as she did when she was employed.

In this interview, Carrie talks about some of her achievements, including how she’s been successful as a freelance blogger writing for many well-known online publications.  More importantly, she discusses how asking for help really allowed her to grow her business and live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Enjoy the interview!

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How a Pakistani Freelance Writer Found Success with US Clients with Jawad Khan [TDI035]


Freelance writing is a tough business for anyone – no matter what language you speak or write in.

There’s good money to be made, but the high paying gigs tend to have very strict requirements and they demand a level of talent that most people don’t have.

That’s why I was so pleased to get a chance to interact with Jawad Khan.  He’s a Pakistani freelance writer who not only is successful as an English writer, but writes for U.S. clients.

I don’t point this out because it’s impossible or strange – it’s not.  However, language skill is probably the most significant hurdle for any writer, especially one who is writing in a language that isn’t his or her first language.

Not only does Jawad have good English skills, but he’s also a great writer in general. More importantly, he knows how to brand himself (and he’ll explain why this is so important).

Check out the interview, and let me know what you think.

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How to Make $150+ an Hour as a Freelance Writer with Tom Ewer [TDI029]


Today’s interview bring you a freelance writer who has accomplished a lot in the past few years.

After taking an opportunity as a freelance blogger (without any previous professional writing experience), he parlayed that into a business where he earned in the neighborhood of $150 an hour (and sometimes more).

Today, he’s moved away from being a writer and now manages other writers as part of his blogging agency.  He also writes (and has a great community) at his own blog, Leaving Work Behind.

In this interview, he shares the reasons why he believes certain writers can command a much higher hourly rate, while others are simply stuck at writing $5 articles.  Hint: It has nothing to do with being an amazing writer.

Read the interview to find out more about Tom.

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Meet Michael Chibuzor, Expert Freelance Writer and Content Marketer [TDI011]


Today’s interview features internet entrepreneur Michael Chibuzor.

He’s done a lot as an  internet marketer, but is most skilled with copywriting, blogging, and general freelance writing.

Even more amazing – he’s done it all as a non-native English speaker!

One thing I’ve found with Michael is that really knows how to write a killer headline, and that’s critically important when it comes to any kind of content marketing.

Anyway, let’s get to the interview!

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Living Abroad and Working Online with Joseph Archibald [TDI006]


Today’s interview is with Joseph Archibald.  He’s a writer and internet marketer from the UK who now works completely online, from his home in the Phillippines.

As you’ll see, although there’s a lot to like about living overseas and running your own business online, there are a lot of pitfalls as well.  It’s not all the glamour that you might expect.

I’ll let Joseph explain it all…

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