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Learn from the MASTER of Kindle Publishing: Tom Corson-Knowles [TDI058]


If you want to learn about how to actually make money writing and publishing Kindle eBooks, Tom Corson-Knowles is your guy.

Tom started writing Kindle books a few years ago, and about a year after starting, he had his first $12,000+ month from Kindle royalties.  After realizing what it takes to create and market a Kindle book successfully, he decided to start doing it for clients.  He now has over 60 clients, and his businesses is involved with more Kindle book sales than ever before.

In this interview, Tom discusses some of the most common mistakes that people make when they write a Kindle book and try to publish it themselves.  He also mentions how most Kindle eBooks should be prices, and how you can go about promoting your book once it’s published.

Ready to learn more about Kindle publishing? Check out the interview.

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How to Actually Make a Living as a Fiction Author (Online) with Ernest Dempsey [TDI030]


I’ve always been fascinated by the success stories with online authors who have done much of their publishing with Amazon (Kindle).  The thing is, just about every person I’ve met or read about in this space writes non-fiction, “how to”-type material.

That’s why I was really excited to interview Ernest Dempsey – he writes fiction.  Although I’ve read plenty of fiction in my life, I have to be honest: I know very little about fiction writing as a career.

I always assumed most internet authors wrote non-fiction because it’s not only easier to produce, but perhaps because it’s the only way to make any real money.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Little did I know, there’s a world of fiction writers out there who make a living with it, even if they aren’t writing the next Harry Potter series.

Even if you aren’t a fiction writer, Ernest Dempsey provides a lot of great tips in this interview that are applicable to anyone who writes, especially those who publish Amazon Kindle books.

Keep reading – this one goes into a lot of depth, and you’ll want to read every word.

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Building a 6-Figure Income through Kindle Publishing with Steve Scott [TDI026]


Today we’ve got an inspiring interview with Steve Scott, who is proof that a little bit of strategy and persistence pays off when it comes to earning an income online.

Although he’s experimented with various internet marketing projects in the past, his current focus is on publishing Kindle books, where he’s on pace to earn a six-figure income from that business alone.

If you’re interested in writing Kindle books, or it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past, you’ll want to read through this interview. Steve shares a lot of great tips and shows why he’s been so successful.

Enjoy the interview!

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