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From $34,000 in Debt to Traveling the World with Tal Gur [TDI087]


Debt is one of those seemingly evil (yet often necessary) things in life that weighs us down so heavily.  Consumers and businesses alike use debt everyday – and it can be a very valuable tool that allows us to purchase items that we otherwise would never be able to afford.  Unfortunately, people can get carried away with it, and soon find themselves buried by it.

Today’s interview features Tal Gur – an online entrepreneur whose journey began when he was $34,000 in debt.  Not only was his credit maxed out, but he could barely afford life’s basic necessities.

This is a great story because it shows how someone with the right motivation and determination could take such a dire situation and turn it into a successful outcome.  By being goal-oriented and taking lots of consistent action, Tal has been able to build a debt-free life as an entrepreneur, with the ability to travel the world.  In addition to sharing his story in this interview, he talks about how and why he was able to really turn his life around and find success.

If you’re in a similar situation, or just need a good kick of motivation, this is a good read for you.

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How to Become Location Independent with Sean Ogle from Location 180 [TDI051]


Being location independent isn’t for everyone, but on some level, it’s something that we all find interesting and appealing.

Sean Ogle (today’s guest) is someone who made this lifestyle work for him.  Once he had a taste of freedom, he put a plan into action and never looked back.  This interview takes a look at what he’s been able to accomplish, as well as how he’s helped other people reach similar goals.

As an added bonus, he even shares his three favorite places in the world that he’s visited.

Now, for the interview…

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Are You Happy? Andrew Walton Explains “Cracking the Happiness Code” [TDI046]


Today’s interview is with Andrew Walton, a writer who I’ve known for awhile online, and someone whose work ethic I’ve always admired (this guy can really write a lot of good quality content).

Early on in his internet writing career, he wrote a bunch of articles for a revenue-sharing website, and was able travel Europe for 15 weeks while living purely off the passive income he earned from those articles.

Since then, he’s turned his focus to other projects.  In this interview, he not only discusses his journey, but he shares his strategy for being able to produce a high quantity of quality content.  He also talks about his new project: Cracking the Happiness Code.

Read on to find out more…

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Living the 4-Hour Workweek Lifestyle with Rasmus Lindgren [TDI019]


Rasmus Lindgren is an internet entrepreneur who I’ve followed for quite awhile, and have always looked up to.

I distinctly remember him telling me once, about my blog at My 4-Hour Workweek, that he was impressed by how consistently I published blog posts, because he always viewed this as a weakness of his.

I remember thinking: Hey! You’re actually DOING something and executing your plans.  That’s far more impressive than anything I’ve simply written about.

And it’s true.  This is a guy who figured out a way to live a very comfortable lifestyle, spend lots of time with his family, and still earn a solid income.  He may not have a true “4-hour workweek,” but he certainly applies a lot of the same concepts necessary to get there.

Anyway, read the interview for the full story!

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