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Quitting Your Job and Taking a Blog to New Heights with Jason Leake [TDI089]


I love stories where internet businesses are created almost by mistake.

You start a blog for fun.  Pretty soon, it catches on, and more and more people begin reading it. Before you know it, you have a massively successful website that receives 5 million page views per month and allows you to quit your day job to work full-time on it, while hiring 7 part-time contractors to help you grow and manage it.

Okay, that isn’t everyone’s story.  But it IS the story of Jason Leake, who helped his wife grow her blog into a legitimately successful business.  In this interview, Jason tells us all about his story of how he helped monetize and grow his wife’s blog, which allowed him to quit his corporate job.  He provides a ton of great data and tips in this interview, and the overall story is very inspiring.

Give it a read, and enjoy.

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