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Building and Growing a Massive Blog Network with Teresa Mears from Living on the Cheap [TDI072]


Building one website and turning it into a success can be a pretty daunting task, but doing it with an entire network is considerably more challenging.  Because it’s often more work than one person can handle, a lot of time and effort is spent finding and coordinating the right people who are responsible for each piece of the network.

That’s the challenge that today’s guest, Teresa Mears, regularly encounters as the executive editor of Living on the Cheap, a network of local “On the Cheap” sites that focuses on deals, personal finance tips, and other information specific to each city/local market.  It’s a great concept that I’m sure took a lot of work to execute.

Teresa talks more about the challenges that she faces in her role, but also touches upon the success of the network, how they’ve built a massive social media presence, and the importance of local (face-to-face) networking.


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The Power of Networking (and Meeting the President) with John Corcoran [TDI022]


I’m secretly jealous of guys like John Corcoran, our guest today on The Daily Interview.

It does take skill, intelligence, and action to succeed in a business – and these are all things that John possesses.  But networking and building relationships is really the “secret” ingredient, and it’s a big reason why John has been so successful.

I’ve met few people who network the way that John does, which is why I’m so excited to have him here to share some of his best tips when it comes to building relationships the right way.

This is definitely an interview you’ll want to bookmark and refer back to later.

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