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From 0 to 20,000+ Monthly Visits in Less than a Year with Vincent Nguyen [TDI053]


Today’s interview features a blogger in the personal development niche who really seems to “get it.”

It’s barely been a year since Vincent Nguyen launched his blog, Self Stairway, and he’s already seen massive growth.  In February 2014 alone, he saw over 21,000 unique visits from the search engines (i.e. organic traffic).

That’s incredible growth for such a young site.

He’s also been involved with some other really cool stuff, such as being hired to work with Empire Flippers, which he considers to be dream job. (Side note: Empire Flippers was our very first interview!)

There’s a lot of great information in this interview – Vincent not only walks us through his journey, but he discusses why his popular blog is not currently monetized, and goes into how he creates content that seems to be very “shareable.”

I’ll let Vincent take it from here…

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How to Form ANY Habit You Want, with Stephen Guise [TDI025]


Have you ever had a habit you really wanted to form, or just something you really wanted to get yourself to do, but you’ve struggled to actually do it?

We all have – it’s human nature.  Fortunately, we have people like Stephen Guise, our guest today, to teach us strategies and “mind hacks” to overcome these obstacles.

As a blogger and author in the personal development niche, Stephen has done a lot of research to understand the way people behave and think, and he’s used this knowledge to craft ways to help us become better, more productive people.

Here’s an interesting tidbit that I found surprising (that you can read more about in the interview): One of the biggest mistakes people make is actually trying to “get motivated.”

Check out the interview with Stephen to learn more.

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