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Starting a Successful Hosting Business (With $600K+ Annual Revenue) Before Turning 18 with Cody McLain [TDI070]


All successful entrepreneurs can be inspiring, but what really gets me fired up (with inspiration) are those who can do it at a young age – and keep it going.

Today’s guest, Cody McLain, has an awesome story.  I’m not exaggerating – if there is any interview you read on this site, this better be one of them.

Throughout Cody’s journey (which includes starting a hosting company and building it to more than 3,000 customers before the age of 18), he has learned a lot of really valuable lessons.  I won’t spoil too much, but one of his biggest failures was losing a business that he built up to $600,000 in annual revenue. He shares the full story, the lessons learned, and so much more in this interview.

Seriously. You will want to read this one.
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3 Million Monthly Page Views & Serial Entrepreneurship with Matthew Paulson [TDI054]


Nothing gets me as exited as talking with a serial entrepreneur.  If you think regular entrepreneurs are interesting, serial entrepreneurs will blow you away.

Matthew Paulson, today’s guest, fits the serial entrepreneur “mold” quite nicely.  His journey began in 2007, and since then, he’s built several online businesses.  These aren’t little niche sites either.  They are a handful of full-fledged websites that (in total) receive 2-3 million page views per month.  To top it off, one of his site’s e-mail lists has about 84,000 subscribers.

In this interview, Matthew gives us a nice overview of each of the sites he currently works on.  He also gives some great tips about his general approach in building a large e-mail list, how he’s able to manage multiple businesses at once, and what he would do if he was starting from the beginning today.

Check it out!

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