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The Secret Tactic for Creating Viral Roundup Posts with Richard Marriott from Clambr [TDI082]


Everyone raves about “quality” content these days.  The days of brief, uninformative content ranking in Google with shady SEO tactics is largely a thing of the past (although some people still get by with it).  The big question is: if everyone is focused on quality content, what ultimately stands out?  How do you truly differentiate yourself and create something that people want to share and link back to?

Roundup posts are one of the more popular tactics these days, and they’re something that Richard Marriott (the guest of today’s interview) specializes in.  There are a lot of ways you can do roundup posts, but the basic reason that they work is because you are drawing upon the knowledge and commentary of several different people.  And by featuring them in your post, you increase the likelihood that they will share the post with their audiences. Pretty simple, and pretty common today.

Richard Marriot believes he’s found the secret for getting these types of posts to go viral.  He shares that “secret” in this interview, along with his story about how he created his site Clambr, and talks about his journey in getting to where he’s at today.

Check it out!

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4 Basic SEO Tactics That Will Still Be Effective Years from Now with Venchito [TDI073]


SEO is a tricky game, because the rules can (and do) change unexpectedly.  And even when they do change, you still don’t necessarily know how they changed or why they changed.

Some things never seem to change, however.  That’s one of the things I focused on in today’s interview with guest and professional SEO, Venchito Tampon. In addition to some general SEO tactics that may be around for a long time, we briefly touched on local SEO tactics (i.e. SEO tactics for local businesses’ websites, such as one for a local electrician or beauty salon).

Venchito operates his own SEO and digital marketing agency in the Philippines, and he’s had a good amount of success in a relatively short period of time. He may only have a couple years worth of experience in the SEO game, but he has a good head on his shoulders, and I know he has the skills to provide some real value to his clients.

Keep reading, and learn more about Venchito’s SEO experience.

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The Absolute BEST Link Building Resources with Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO [TDI048]


I frequently interview SEO professionals on The Daily Interview because I think search engine optimization is connected in some way to every blog or business.  Even if you don’t consciously focus on SEO, it still impacts you in some way.

My guest today, Jon Cooper, has an amazing SEO resource at Point Blank SEO.  In this interview, he discusses keyword strategy, and answers the common question about how often you should use your target keywords as part of your “anchor text” (i.e. the text you use when creating a hyperlink) when building backlinks.

Let’s jump to the interview.

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Chatting with a Professional SEO Consultant – Kumail Hemani [TDI045]


Today’s interview features Kumail Hemani, a blogger and professional SEO consultant in Dubai.

SEO (search engine optimization, for those new to the game), is something that literally affects all internet businesses and blogs, so whenever I get the chance to chat with a professional, I take it.

This interview isn’t too heavy on any technical SEO tactics or strategies, but there are some good tips from someone who has dealt with SEO and internet marketing first hand, seeing a lot of different things from the clients he has worked with.


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What ACTUALLY Works in SEO with Brian Dean from Backlinko [TDI040]


If you’ve been doing any kind of SEO for your website and you haven’t heard of Brian Dean from Backlinko, stop right now and read this interview.

No offense to the SEO industry, but there’s a lot of garbage out there when it comes to learning SEO tactics and strategies.  Fortunately for us, there are still diamonds in the rough like Brian Dean.

Brian’s site, Backlinko, contains a TON of great information about SEO.  I challenge you to find a post of his where you don’t stop and say, “Wow, that was high quality.”

Anyway, in this interview, Brian tells us a little bit about his journey and then discusses some SEO tactics that are actually working today.  One of his big takeaways? The SEO landscape doesn’t change nearly as quickly as the other SEO “gurus” would lead you to believe.

Enjoy the interview.

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Talking with an SEO Pro – Charles Floate from God of SEO [TDI016]


At some point or another, all internet entrepreneurs take an interest in search engine optimization (SEO), because it can be a tremendous source of traffic to your website.  SEO, as you are probably aware, is the process used to get your website to rank higher in Google’s (or another search engine’s) search results.

Today’s interview features a professional SEO – Charles Floate, from God of SEO.  This young entrepreneur has already accomplished a lot in his relatively short career, including building an authoritative blog about SEO and actually launching his own internet marketing agency.

In this interview, Charles shares his story about how he got started in the internet marketing world, some of his successes and failures, and even shares a couple SEO tips that he believes still work well today.

I’ll turn it over to Charles…

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Living Abroad and Working Online with Joseph Archibald [TDI006]


Today’s interview is with Joseph Archibald.  He’s a writer and internet marketer from the UK who now works completely online, from his home in the Phillippines.

As you’ll see, although there’s a lot to like about living overseas and running your own business online, there are a lot of pitfalls as well.  It’s not all the glamour that you might expect.

I’ll let Joseph explain it all…

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