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How to Create Successful Mobile Apps with Zero Programming Experience with Andreas Kambanis [TDI105]


When mobile applications first became popular (most noticeably with the introduction of the iPhone and Apple App Store), there was somewhat of a gold rush.  App developers were creating games and other applications, and it seemed like every other week we were reading success stories of people who “hit it big” (and in some cases, made millions) with a simple app or game.

That was several years ago – today, the market is flooded with apps and there’s tons of competition.  And with a bit of money, you (and anyone else who isn’t a computer programmer), can have your own app developed.  It’s a lot harder to succeed in today’s environment.

For this reason, I’m excited about today’s interview with Andreas Kambanis, an app developer who has no programming experience.  Even in today’s competitive market, he’s creating successful apps and making good money with them.

In this interview, Andreas tells us about how he started his app business, the challenges he’s faced along the way, and the tips he has for anyone looking to create their own app.  As you might guess, simply creating a great app isn’t good enough to be successful.

Check out the interview and let me know what you think!

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Running a Business That Impacts 50,000+ Websites with James Gill from GoSquared [TDI096]


Can you imagine meeting up with co-founders and starting a business at the age of 15? And 8 years later, celebrating not only a long-lived business, but a massively valuable resource that has helped over 50,000 websites?

That’s James Gill’s story in a nutshell.  Of course, there were twists and turns (and evolution) along the way.  James is a co-founder of GoSquared, the “the simplest analytics service in the world.”  They’ve taken a complex (yet incredibly important) part of running a business online (or an offline business with a web presence), and turned it into something simple and meaningful:  Harnessing the power of real-time insights and analytics.

In this interview, James not only talks about the origins of GoSquared, but also gets into why this it’s a great solution (even over something as popular as Google Analytics), the importance (and difficulty) of building a team within your business, and the tips he has for someone who is afraid to jump into entrepreneurship with both feet.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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How One Web Application Can Help You Stick to Your Goals with Harry Che from GoalsOnTrack [TDI076]


Today’s interview features Harry Che, a software developer who created his own software business.  As is the case with many software creators, Harry’s software product, GoalsOnTrack, started as a personal project. He was able to solve his own problem with this application, and knew that many others would probably benefit from this product as well.

Thanks to its success, Harry now works full-time on his software business.  In this interview, we talk a bit about his GoalsOnTrack application, why he thinks it’s been successful, and what the product’s most successful marketing strategy has been so far.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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A Real Groupon Competitor? Interview with Herby Fabius from Triplefy [TDI071]


Often times, innovation is about taking an existing product or idea and tweaking it, or improving it.  It’s how technology advances, and it’s how we, as human beings, evolve.

Today’s guest, Herby Fabius, is the co-founder of Triplefy, an online service that allows businesses to sell their own “deals” (similar to Groupon) without the substantial cost and potential inconvenience having to go through a third-party company.  The basic idea behind the “deal” or discount isn’t original – and it wasn’t original when Groupon or Living Social created their businesses.  But the way the idea is implemented – that’s different – and it’s where a business like Triplefy can innovate.

In this interview, Herby talks briefly about the success and failure he’s faced, but he also goes more in depth on the lessons learned from starting and growing Triplefy.  Hint: They’re universal, and can probably be applied to any new business.

Check it out and see for yourself.

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Starting a Successful Hosting Business (With $600K+ Annual Revenue) Before Turning 18 with Cody McLain [TDI070]


All successful entrepreneurs can be inspiring, but what really gets me fired up (with inspiration) are those who can do it at a young age – and keep it going.

Today’s guest, Cody McLain, has an awesome story.  I’m not exaggerating – if there is any interview you read on this site, this better be one of them.

Throughout Cody’s journey (which includes starting a hosting company and building it to more than 3,000 customers before the age of 18), he has learned a lot of really valuable lessons.  I won’t spoil too much, but one of his biggest failures was losing a business that he built up to $600,000 in annual revenue. He shares the full story, the lessons learned, and so much more in this interview.

Seriously. You will want to read this one.
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How Niche Site Creation Led to a Wildly Successful Software Business with Spencer Haws [TDI037]


Today’s interview features an internet entrepreneur – Spencer Haws – who I’ve followed for the past few years, so I’m honored to have him on The Daily Interview today.

Spencer started the way that many people do online – he created some “niche” websites (i.e. websites that publish content related to a very specific topic), tried to get some free traffic from Google, and monetized that traffic with ads.  He found a strategy that worked, and has since created hundreds of niche websites that bring in a total of over $100,000 per year.

But he didn’t stop there.

Throughout his niche site creation journey (in which he had to overcome several obstacles), he developed his own software product to help his niche sites become more successful.  This software (Long Tail Pro), which will be discussed in the interview, is now widely known in the internet marketing industry today as one of the best keyword research tools available.

Let’s jump right to the interview.

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