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How to Produce (and Crowdfund) a Passion-Based Internet Show with Caroline Shin [TDI094]


Anyone can start a blog (and so many people have).  But producing a internet-based video series – that’s a different beast.  There’s a lot more work and expenses to take on, which means there’s that much more at risk.

Caroline Shin is a multimedia journalist who has had all kinds of success “offline” (such as helping with the production of a JayZ video for New York Magazine).  Recently, with the help of a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign, she’s preparing to launch a web series called “Cooking with Granny,” which is a cooking show that aims to feature recipes for traditional dishes and stories that have been (and are being) passed down for generations.  Personally, I think it’s an amazing concept.

In this interview, we not only discuss the story behind this web series, but we talk about Caroline’s experience using Kickstarter to raise over $11,000 (including her tips for anyone else thinking about crowdfunding a project), what her plans are for the distribution of the web series, and how she plans to actually make money from it.

It’s an interesting story – check it out!

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How to Be a Video Blogging Star (Vlogstar) with Agatha from HeyAgatha.com [TDI065]


Every once in awhile, I meet a blogger whose personality hits me like a warm summer morning. That feeling when the sun comes up but it’s not too hot outside – it’s refreshing.

Agatha from HeyAgatha.com is that person.  And you wouldn’t expect that type of glowing personality from someone who used to work in the accounting profession.  (I can say that because I am currently in the accounting profession). 🙂  Everyone has a unique voice though, and this is something that Agatha believes can really shine through the use of video.

In this interview, we not only discuss Agatha’s background and how she got to be where she is today, but we also dig into the power of video blogging and becoming a video blogging rockstar (or “vlogstar”).  It’s something a lot of people overlook, but something that could really be a valuable tool for growing your business.

Check out the interview and learn more about becoming a “vlogstar.”

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