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How One Blogger Makes a Living from Blogging About WordPress with Devesh from WPKube [TDI095]


There are a number of competitive niches where the internet seems to be saturated with a ton of bloggers: the WordPress/blogging niche is one of them.  It goes without saying that finding success in a niche like this isn’t easy, so even moderate success can be impressive.

My guest today, Devesh, is a full time blogger from India who has managed to build and maintain a popular WordPress blog, WPKube.  Not only is this a well-written blog (in English, mind you, which is no small feat for someone who isn’t a native speaker),  but it gets around 50,000 visits per month and earns a 4-figure monthly sum.

In this interview, we talk about his background (which includes some shady endeavors, such as giving away software illegally online), how he monetizes his blog, and what his favorite WordPress plugins are.  Given that most of us (in the blogging community) use WordPress, there are some pretty useful resources listed here.


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How an 8-Figure Hosting Company Competes on Quality and Succeeds with Jason Cohen from WPEngine [TDI086]


The web hosting industry is a viciously competitive one.  We had a good look at it recently when we interviewed Cody McLain, who had some big successes and failures in that industry.

Here’s another amazing success story from someone in the web hosting industry – Jason Cohen from WPEngine.  In an industry where most businesses compete on price, Jason has focused primarily on quality.  In doing so, he’s found and mastered a niche in the WordPress space (i.e. providing hosting for sites that run WordPress).

In this interview, Jason discusses how WPEngine began, how they’ve positioned themselves to stand out in their industry, and how he took a very basic idea and grew it into a wildly successful, 8-figure business. What I found especially valuable in this interview were Jason’s tips about the things he wishes he knew when he first started out as an entrepreneur.

Check it out, and enjoy. 🙂

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Marketing Tips & More with Tim Soulo from BloggerJet [TDI002]


As part of today’s launch, I’m actually featuring TWO great interviews.  The first one, as you probably saw, was with Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers.

The second interview today is with Tim Soulo from BloggerJet.com.  Tim is a professional marketer who blogs about all things internet marketing.

I really like Tim because he has a unique voice with his content and makes a conscious effort to NOT rehash the same internet marketing tips and strategies that you’ll find on most other blogs in this niche.  It’s refreshing.

Let’s see what Tim has to say…

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