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How to Get Out of Your “Comfort Zone” as an Entrepreneur with Sonia Marsh [TDI102]


Being an entrepreneur, in many ways, is about having “guts” and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Most successful entrepreneurs realize this early on and use it to their advantage.

Sonia Marsh, my guest today, is an independent author who has definitely lived a “gutsy” life.  It all began when she and her family uprooted their lives to live in a hut in Central America.  This eventually led to her own self-published book, which helped propel her business to where she also does coaching, speaking, and participates in other events.

In this interview, Sonia not only tells us about her adventurous journey, but she also offers some great advice on how “author entrepreneurs” should market/promote their books, and gives some invaluable tips on stepping outside of your “comfort zone.” I definitely learned a lot here.


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How a TV Show Producer Became a Published Author with DJ Williams [TDI100]


While I typically like to focus specifically on internet entrepreneurs on The Daily Interview, I’m ultimately looking for stories that are interesting and inspiring.

Today’s guest, DJ Williams, may not be a traditional “internet entrepreneur,” but he has an interesting story, and much of what he does today has an online component.  DJ spent several years in the music business, and then made a change to work as a television producer.  Although he still works as a producer, he has more recently launched a career as an author.

The reason I like to sometimes focus a lot on authors and freelance writers is that they are often good examples of entrepreneurial endeavors.  In this interview, DJ tells us about his experience with marketing his book as well as how he managed to focus and stay productive writing his book, while also working as a producer.

Check it out, and enjoy!

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The Key to Successfully Promoting Your Book with Joanna Penn [TDI083]


As most writers will tell you, you can’t expect to write a book and have it magically sell lots of copies on its own.  You either need a pre-established audience, or you need to build an audience by promoting your book in the right ways.  Neither of these is easy, but success in general usually isn’t either. 🙂

Today’s guest, Joanna Penn, is a successful author who was able to leave behind her day job back in 2011 and make a living on her own (through her writing).  As she shares in this interview, writing is only half the battle. Marketing is the key to success, and there are a variety of tools and channels that Joanna uses to promote her books and make them successful.

If you’re an aspiring writer, or are just interested in the power of marketing, this interview is for you.

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